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Association about Printed Circuit Board technology and quality

Terms & Conditions of Foreningen PERFAG

Terms & Conditions of Foreningen PERFAG
Foreningen PERFAG is a Danish group of companies sharing experiences in relation to PCBs who writes and publishes PCB specifications. The PERFAG specifications are exclusively published through as printed books and as PDF-files. Foreningen PERFAG only sells to VAT registered companies and your CVR number must therefore be given when purchasing.
Books and PDF-files can be bought in Danish and English and can be selected under specifications. All selections can be changed or deleted in the shopping cart. The name of the purchaser is inserted in the PDF-files.
All prices are shown excluding VAT and will be settled in DKK but to help our non-Danish customers prices are also shown in EUR.
The company details of the purchasing company are registered with Foreningen PERFAG and will be kept for 5 years after which they will be deleted.
Payment can be done with MasterCard, Visa, Dankort etc

Conditions of delivery:
Costs for delivery/freight will be added to the purchase and must be paid by the purchasing company. The price for delivery is shown when making the purchase.

Traceability and use of PDF-files:
PDF-files must only be used on the address of the purchasing company.
To prevent unintended copying and distribution, a hidden code, the name of the purchaser, company name, address and e-mail will be inserted in the PDF-file ensuring a certain level of traceability. PDF-files are the property of the purchaser and must not be copied or distributed to a third party.
Should the purchaser wish to distribute a PDF-file to a third party, an extra PDF-file with the name of the receiver must be purchased.
This is done by filling in both “billing/shipping address” and “Alternative watermark information for PDF's” when purchasing PDF-files. In this case both the name of the purchaser and the receiver are inserted in the PDF-file.

The delivery of printed specifications is no later than one week after the purchase. PDF-files are ready for download when the e-mail with the download link has been received. The purchaser is responsible for the download of the purchased product. Download of the PDF-file must be done within 8 days from the date of purchase and the e–mail with the download link should be saved for possible later download of the same file. Foreningen PERFAG does not replace deleted download links. In other words, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to save the download link for possible later download. If problems with the download are encountered, please contact Foreningen PERFAG at
Foreningen PERFAG cannot be held liable for losses or other costs occurring as a consequence of late delivery.
Foreningen PERFAG does not offer the possibility for on-spot pick up of books.

Shortages and complaints:
Complaints regarding purchase and delivery must be submitted in writing at as soon as possible after delivery. Has the purchased been damaged during delivery, this must be clearly stated in the e-mail. Agreement on the delivery of a replacement can be made hereafter.

In the case of a strike, lockout or other type of arrest of work by Foreningen PERFAG’s distributors including the occurrence of war, blockage, quarantine, fire, ice, and general disturbances of traffic, accidents, or other unforeseeable causes hindering or significantly making the completion of the purchase or the delivery of it difficult, Foreningen PERFAG cannot be held liable during the existence of the hindrance. Deliveries which are stranded or lost under the above conditions are not replaced by Foreningen PERFAG.

Terms of payment and exchange agreement:
Payment can only be done via Foreningen PERFAG’s website with the most common credit cards. All prices are excluding VAT. Refund of payment and return of books purchased by mistake is not possible but the exchange of books is possible but at the charge of a fee of DKK 300 plus postage and any price difference for the new product. The amount must be transferred directly to the account of Foreningen PERFAG upon the agreement of exchange.

Copyright and rights:
All pictures, designs, illustrations and texts reproduced at and all the PERFAG specifications, printed books as well as PDF-files, are the property of Foreningen PERFAG. Reproduction or extractions must only be made if a written agreement has been given by Foreningen PERFAG and in this case reproduction must be done with a clear indication of the source material.
PERFAG specifications are in no way open source or freeware.

Violation of Foreningen PERFAG’s rules:
In the case of abuse or violation of the rules in regard to “traceability and use of PDF-files” and “copyright and rights” Foreningen PERFAG has the right to financial compensation.


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