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Association about Printed Circuit Board technology and quality


The name PERFAG is derived from the Danish name for a group concerned with shared PCB experience (Pcb ERFA Group).

The association is an interest group committed to the exchange of experience within the area of PCB technology and quality.

The association writes, coordinates and publishes documentation and specifications covering a broad section of all types of manufactured PCBs.

The association PERFAG holds the publishing rights to the PERFAG specifications.

The association PERFAG is a non-profit organisation.

Every electronic producing company, design agency and test facility can be admitted to the association PERFAG. Each member company appoints one qualified person who will participate actively in the associations meetings.

Affiliated suppliers:
To strengthen and coordinate the corporation between the Danish electronics industry and its suppliers of PCBs, several PCB suppliers are, upon selection by PERFAG, affiliated with the association.

PERFAG endeavours to hold at least 4 meetings each year hosted by the various members.

Our logo:
The association's logo is designed to resemble a road sign. This is to symbolise that PERFAG shows the way in what would otherwise be a jungle of various company standards or complex international standards. 

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